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Publish Your E-book in 5 Easy Steps

A Quick Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon’s Kindle Store

Get Published Today – Publish Your Book with this Quick Guide Today

Publish Your E-Book in 5 Easy Steps is a quick guide to formatting and preparing your manuscript for publishing and sale on Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore.

Amazon’s Kindle Publishing programme has opened up a host of opportunities for writers who might have otherwise had to wait years in order to be ‘discovered’, for manuscripts to reach their millions of readers instead of languishing at the bottom of a publisher’s or an agent’s slush pile.

While writing your book may have been easy, to many, preparing the manuscript for actual publication can seem like a daunting process. The truth is it’s actually far simpler than it’s made out to be and this book is here to guide you throughout the process.

Instead of paying for a template or paying for someone to format and publish your e-book for you, this quick guide takes you through the step-by-step process of how to format the text, how to ensure the page breaks are in the right place, how to insert pictures and how to build the Table of Contents, all complete with screenshots and detailed instructions.

It also takes you step-by-step through the process of registering on Amazon, to uploading your e-book and finally getting published on Amazon.

The chapters of this book are best read in sequence. You may skip ahead if you are sure you have already covered that particular stage of formatting, but if it’s your first time, it would be safest to just double check by going through each chapter.

This e-book is a result of our own experience of publishing on Amazon’s Kindle and having found it a challenge to wade through the long textual information and instructions provided, we have tried to make this guide as easy and as simple to follow as possible.

Are you asking the question “How to ebook?” – here is your answer!

What This Book Covers

Step 1 guides you through the process of getting your manuscript ready. How to format it including paragraph indents and spacing, how to format and apply Headings, inserting Page Breaks, images and photos.

Step 2 explains how to create the front matter that precedes every book, from including Testimonials and Recommendations (optional) to including a Title page (required) to inserting a Copyright or a Dedication page.

Step 3 takes you through the simple point-by-point process of creating and building your Table of Contents and how to build links back to the relevant sections within your manuscript.

Step 4 gives you the low-down on designing the ideal book cover. It covers the do’s and don’ts, how to use images in your front cover and also briefly covers where to find help in designing your cover if you need it.

Step 5 Hurrah! Your manuscript is now formatted and ready for publication. Here, we take you through the entire process of setting up an Amazon account, to preparing the relevant files for your e-book to uploading and selecting the relevant rights and pricing.

Next Steps is a sneak peek in to the next stage for your book after publication. It takes you very briefly through some simple steps on how to market your book, publicise it and get it out there to reach it’s target audience.

This is a no quibble guide to get your book published under 60 minutes with 5 easy to follow steps.

This Book is For You

This book is written for you when have finished writing that amazing novel or the best How to guide. Regardless of the type of book you write or whoever your audience may be, this e-book will serve as the definitive guide to formatting and publishing your very own e-book on Amazon.


I’ve published a number of e-books now and have always sweated through the process of formatting it in the right way. Amazon’s own guides while helpful, have been extremely long and difficult to follow.
5 Easy Steps makes everything so clear cut and easy to follow. The screen shots are especially helpful. With this book, all you have to do to get your book ready for Amazon’s Kindle is to follow it through step-by-step.
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David K.

This is a perfectly formatted guide that helped me to publish my ebook just like it said – in 5 easy steps. The book has insight and instructions which saved time and money, and have enhanced the quality of my published product. I recommend this guide to anyone who is publishing their book online.

Ria W.

It’s easy enough to publish a Kindle ebook, but publishing one that looks professional is much trickier. And a professional result is important, because one bad review on Amazon can have a huge impact on sales. This book describes every step you need to take to get that professional result, in the order that you need to take them. It would have been very helpful for me when I was working my way through the publishing process the first time using trial and error!

– Helen L.

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