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Make the Most of Your VLE

A Complete Guide to Making the Most of Your Virtual Learning Environment

“Strategies for Successful Integration of VLE for Teaching and Learning.”

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Make the Most of Your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or Managed Learning Environment (MLE) is a guide for School, College and Academy Principals, Head teachers, Senior Management Teams, School Leadership Administrators, Directors of Teaching and Learning, School Governors (with focus on Teaching and Learning), Educational Consultants and Teachers to obtain the best of their school’s Virtual Learning Environment.

Government policies (especially in the UK) over the past 5 years have done much to push education towards a more technology-based approach. A significant part of this was the introduction of the VLE. Majority of universities, colleges, secondary and primary schools in the UK and the US now have fully functional VLEs.

The challenge remains though on making use and making the most out of these often expensive investments. It is rare to find a school that uses a VLE as the center of all learning activities and in many schools it remains the sad fact that use of the VLE is limited to a small number of highly technical, highly enthusiastic members of staff.

This book provides concrete actionable steps to help education establishments learn to make the most of their VLE.

In this book, we share here ideas and experiences that have worked in very well in several schools and have brought the VLE to the center of the teaching and learning experience, in alignment with the school’s vision and ethos.

Among some of the things covered in this book are:

  • Laying the foundation for a successful VLE
  • Creating a learning environment conducive to supporting a VLE
  • Building a framework for a VLE
  • Staff and student considerations
  • Building your army (VLE champions) in five simple steps
  • How to manage your VLE audience
  • Building on content creation and population
  • Considerations of teaching approaches and styles
  • The five phases of teaching with technology
  • Enhancing and optimizing a VLE
  • Strategies for continuous development

…and a whole lot more

We hope that this book helps you and your school achieve the most of your VLE.

” Schools and Education establishment can benefit so much from this book and learn to maximise and realise the full potential of their VLE.”

Make the Most of Your VLE is available to purchase in the convenient Kindle Format for your eReader or Apple/Android devices with Kindle app from Amazon.