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ColourMyLearning Publications

We have published a series of books for schools under the ‘Tools for School’ heading. Find out more about our current and future publications here:


Google Calendar for Schools

A Tools for Schools Quick Guide

A ‘must-have’ guide for all schools, teachers and parents looking to take advantage of the free online resource from Google.

This book introduces you to the many benefits of Google Calendar and why every school should be using it on a day to day basis.

It then covers all the different aspects of using Google Calendar to transform the way the Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents work in school.

This book is proving popular with teachers and administrative staff looking to further their skills and maximising the use of this great tool.

A convenient Kindle format of this book, Google Calendar for School is available from Amazon to purchase or borrow for free.

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Make the Most of Your VLE

A Complete Guide to Making the Most of Your Virtual Learning Environment

Make the Most of Your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) or Managed Learning Environment (MLE) is a guide for School, College and Academy Principals, Head teachers, Senior Management Teams, School Leadership Administrators, Directors of Teaching and Learning, School Governors (with focus on Teaching and Learning), Educational Consultants and Teachers to obtain the best of their school’s Virtual Learning Environment.

Government policies (especially in the UK) over the past 5 years have done much to push education towards a more technology-based approach. A significant part of this was the introduction of the VLE. Majority of universities, colleges, secondary and primary schools in the UK and the US now have fully functional VLEs.

The challenge remains though on making use and making the most out of these often expensive investments. It is rare to find a school that uses a VLE as the center of all learning activities and in many schools it remains the sad fact that use of the VLE is limited to a small number of highly technical, highly enthusiastic members of staff.

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Publish Your E-book in 5 Easy Steps

A Quick Guide to Self-Publishing on Amazon’s Kindle Store

Publish Your E-Book in 5 Easy Steps is a quick guide to formatting and preparing your manuscript for publishing and sale on Amazon’s Kindle Bookstore.

Amazon’s Kindle Publishing programme has opened up a host of opportunities for writers who might have otherwise had to wait years in order to be ‘discovered’, for manuscripts to reach their millions of readers instead of languishing at the bottom of a publisher’s or an agent’s slush pile.

While writing your book may have been easy, to many, preparing the manuscript for actual publication can seem like a daunting process. The truth is it’s actually far simpler than it’s made out to be and this book is here to guide you throughout the process.

Instead of paying for a template or paying for someone to format and publish your e-book for you, this quick guide takes you through the step-by-step process of how to format the text, how to ensure the page breaks are in the right place, how to insert pictures and how to build the Table of Contents, all complete with screenshots and detailed instructions.

It also takes you step-by-step through the process of registering on Amazon, to uploading your e-book and finally getting published on Amazon.

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