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Submission Guidelines

To write for ColourMyLearning, your posts need to be:

  1. Focussed, helpful, thought-provoking – We enjoy writing and reading articles that help us learn – whether it’s a new perspective on an old topic; or something completely state of the art. Either way, the article needs to be purposeful and on point. Use a title that clear and concise followed by sub-headings that will help you structure the posts.
  2. Original and relevant content – We expect all submissions to be original, never published before content. They also need to be relevant to the style and purpose of ColourMyLearning.
  3. Well-researched or well thought through – Ideally linking back to posts already published on Colour My Learning. Each post needs to be supported by ideas or facts that can be substantiated or in the case of Op-ed style pieces, then supporting statements or arguments need to be relevant.
  4. Word count – 1200 – 1500 words. We are not strict on word count and understand that sometimes it requires a little more to get an idea across. Having said that, we are not fans of superfluous words, so between a long flowery sentence and one that gets to the point – get to the point asap.
  5. Website/Social media profile – If we agree to publish your post, we will require a 2 – 3 sentence profile description and we are happy to provide a no-follow link in the profile box, back to your website or social media profile.
  6. Rights to the post content – You must agree to give exclusive rights to ColourMyLearning and agree that the content will not be published anywhere else.
  7. Do not include advertisements of any kind – We will reject all guest post submissions that contain advertising or sponsored links intended to promote a company’s products or services.

Please note that your post may be edited to meet ColourMyLearning’s style and standards and improve search engine visibility. We will make every reasonable attempt to respect the writer’s work and maintain the style of your writing. Changes may be made to the title, text or any images provided. ColourMyLearning reserves the right to reject, remove and unpublished previously approved articles without prior notice.

I have read the guideline and wish to submit a guest post