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ColourMyLearning because learning is a journey that is life-long.

It is our aim to make ColourMyLearning the ultimate resource for all of the best that learning (of all forms) has to offer, from the use of learning platforms and Virtual Learning Environments, purpose-built physical learning spaces that bridge technology and education, reviews of software, applications and Web services, even real-world inspirational stories, people and events.

We want ColourMyLearning to make a meaningful change, to inspire and to make learning all that it is meant to be.

Submit Your Review

Does your school or place of learning use a Virtual Learning Environment, educational technologies be it Gadgets, Apps or Web services or has recently had some modernisation or new building? Get in touch now and submit your VLE for review, share your experience on the use of Gadgets, Apps or Web Services for learning or rave about your new school building. We would be very happy to hear from you and feature you on CML.

Feedback and Comments

We always welcome your point of view and feedback. Feel free to participate in our reviews or even write up your own as a guest post and we would be happy to publish it here.

Your First Time Here

Welcome! We are really happy that you have found our site. Let us extend our warmest welcome to you and hope that you will continue to enjoy the site and keep coming back for more. See the next section for what we have to offer.

What Can You Find Here

  • Education technology
  • Useful online resources
  • Parenting tips
  • Teaching and learning
  • Inspirational materials
  • Empowering learners
  • Learning gadgets
  • Information technology
  • Apps and software for learning
  • Hardware

To Our Regular Readers

Thank you very much for your support. CML is nothing without its readers.

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About Us

CML is written by Samuel and Li-ling who are both passionate about learning and believe in the great potential for change that education can make. Originally from warm climes and sandy beaches of Malaysia, now living in the UK, they offer exciting, interesting perspectives based on their experiences and observations.

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