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About Us

ColourMyLearning is dedicated to delivering high-quality content and professionally developed resources for students, teachers and parents. We make learning easy, fun and effective with content developed in-house, curated learning resources, short courses, tutorials and informational articles.

We warmly welcome new readers to our community and are grateful for all the discussions, thoughts and suggestions we have received from our earliest followers.

Our Aims & Objectives

It is our aim to make Colour My Learning the ultimate resource for all of the best that learning (of all forms) has to offer. From the use of learning platforms and education technologies, purpose-built physical learning spaces that bridge technology and education, reviews of software, applications and Web services, even real-world inspirational stories, people and events.

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Our Story

Colour My Learning established in 2012 is a website dedicated to producing and sharing high quality, well-researched, considerate and mindful articles on all aspects of teaching and learning.

Our primary audiences are educators, parents and students.

We started out initially as a Tech in Education blog focusing on the use and application of technology in education. Over time we have branched out to encompass different areas of teaching and learning, while still keeping a firm finger on the pulse of technology in education.

We want ColourMyLearning to make a meaningful change, to inspire and to make learning all that it is meant to be

What Can You Find Here

Education Technology

Learning technologies have come a long way and will continue to evolve and grow well into the future. Here, we look at personal technology as well as classroom technology that help enhance learning. We also dive into software, apps and the web as learning tools and resources. And, for those who love to tinker, we look at gadgets and hardware that aids teaching and learning.

  • Personal technology
  • Classroom technology
  • Software, apps and the web
  • Gadgets and hardware

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