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  1. John
    February 22, 2014 @ 12:42 pm

    I purchased the Surface Pro 2 to do on site work with Dragon dictate professional and it worked fantastic. Very quick and dragon worked a dream on this tablet. Sadly I had no choice but to return it as it is so heavy to use when on site my arm & neck was killing me after 45mins to 1 hour of use. I tried to stick with it for 2-3 days hoping it was just me and I would get used to it but my neck and arm got much worse. I am absolutely devastated as it was the perfect solution for my work but is much too heavy for using on site while walking about doing reports. I had considered getting a case with a neck-strap to try to use but in the end returned to store and will evaluate a lighter option very soon. This tablet is fantastic if you like using it sitting down.


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