Samuel Tan

Sam is a tech evangelist, e-learning and learning platform enthusiast, tablet and smartphone chomping maniac, mac and windows zealot, wireless & network genius, developer, designer, user experience tinkerer, moodle and sharepoint two timer, social media junkie, web analyst and server engineer (and an all round good guy).He has over 18 years of tech experience ranging from ground-breaking university research networks to high level secure government extranet projects. He has overseen many megabuck project deployments from Building Schools for Future to harnessing technology, improving sustainability and realising a performance framework for technology in school.And now, while every other so-called expert and consultant is plotting away on world domination, Sam is quietly working on helping each and every teacher, lecturer and trainer, one school at a time to make the most of Technology for Teaching to enrich every child’s learning experience.


  1. Jackie
    July 31, 2012 @ 5:55 pm

    Love my kobo touch! At first the interface was a bit frustrating to get used to but once you catch on its a breeze! An I’m a Facebook fan as well so I post quotes to my wall all the item! I love my kobo touch! No cons at this point! Happy book reader!


  2. Colour My Learning
    August 1, 2012 @ 12:49 am

    Yes I find it the same with flipping the pages, but a tap on the right or left side of the screen achieves the same result. Sliding fingers across to flip page feels laggy.

    The other advantage of Kobo Touch is the format compatibility. Non-proprietary format means not tied into one book seller. Copying ebooks borrowed from the library is as easy as dragging and dropping the ebook into KOBO software on the desktop. This syncs the book across.


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